I have spent a lot of time flying this year. Nearly 64,000 miles jetting from here to there. I have had insightful conversations, learned from million milers and have had my fair share of the middle seat. Some may think I would get tired of flying but every time I break through the clouds and see the wonder and beauty of this incredible world, I am awestruck. #wheelsup

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Dealing with Delays

Dealing with delays

So this week I have had every flight delayed or cancelled. I have rearranged my schedule and childcare and I am now wondering if I will get home tonight at all. So what’s a busy mom to do in delays? Well here are a few of my tips for making the most of the winter travel woes.

1. Get caught up on correspondence. With all the extra time, take advantage of the free airport wifi (if you are fortunate to be sitting in one of those airports) and catch up on all the emails that go unanswered. The vendor emails saying hello. The opportunity to thank your friends and colleagues for the little things that may go unnoticed. Use this time as an opportunity to notice those around you and be thankful.


Dealing with Delays2. Read more. I always want to read a little more but I give my self the excuse that I am too busy. Well, now is the perfect opportunity to stand in a bookshop and read an HBR article, catch up on the latest blog from Fast Company or enrich your mind with a recommended book. And, the great thing about airports, they all have bookstores to help you pick up some knowledge the old fashioned way. There is something special about the feel of a new paperback that gives you the sense that you are holding the power of a story. Use this time to become a better storyteller. Read, listen and learn.


3. Relax. While everyone is stressing about how they will get from point A to point B, take the time to notice that worrying about the situation won’t help you get home faster or make that meeting. The weather is God’s way of helping us realize that we are not in control so strop trying to be. I know that no matter what time I finally make it in tonight, I will still get to hold my Maggie tight and give my husband a kiss. This realization is really what matters in the world. So grab a glass of wine at the local restaurant, pick up that paperback and relax while waiting for your flight to board.

#series: 5 tips for the business traveler

5 Tips for the Business Traveler: Always remember your parking spot - take a picture on your phone of the wayfinding - the latest pic will lead you back to your car. -

5 Travel Tips Travel Tips 55 Travel Tips5 Travel Tips

I have some go-to things I do for business travel. I have a system for packing that maybe crazy but I am a speedster through security. I have every pocket organized so I know where I stashed my favorite pen or the gum when my ears start popping at 5000 feet. But these are things everyone does (well at least I hope I am not the only crazy out there). Here are the tips I try to follow as I travel about the country…

1. Remember where you parked.
Seriously – you don’t want to be wandering the parking deck at midnight pressing the panic button (been there). I now have a system – I take a picture of the location I parked with my phone and then grab my phone as I head out to the parking deck, look up the last dated photo and it leads me to my car (without having to reach for the panic button) every time.

2. Stop and Enjoy.
I purposely fill my travel days with non-stop work. Some of this is due to necessity and some of it is so I won’t miss my family. But even when I am traveling solo, it is important to realize that I am blessed. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel and see the world.  So take a moment – write an email while overlooking the Bellagio Fountain, walk down to the beach in the morning before work while in Santa Monica or grab coffee in bustling downtown Cincinnati at Coffee Emporium with the locals. 

3. Wifi is your bff on flights
I think I am most productive on my flights from DTW to LAX. I work furiously until the battery dies. I feel like I get almost 2 work days out of 5 hours. I am ninja focused and the wifi is so slow, I can’t do anything but email. (pinterest is just painful to load at 10k feet). Spring for the wifi – it’s worth the peace of mind.

4. Yelp and eat like a local
If you are not fortunate enough to have a local guide (client or co-worker), hit up yelp to find the best new restaurants, hidden happy hours or killer views. Sit at the bar, make friends and feel like a local. I make my selection based on a place that has over 50 reviews with a rating of 4 or higher. When you find the negative reviews are things like: they only have microbrews on tap… or the food is too snobby – well I know I have found my place.

5. Remember the family and always bring something home. 
It is easy to forget when I am tired of traveling that my husband would have loved to have seen this restaurant or liked this shop. While I can’t bring along Doug and Mags on every trip, I can bring something back to let them know that I thought of them. I always try to find something unique to the city – no lame postcards allowed. This picture is courtesty of Bottega Louie – a place I ate at and then brought back some of these wonderful cookies to Doug.

And yep, I am typing this at 4 in the morning LA time because I am on another business trip and the time change gets me everytime! Happy Travels.