I have spent a lot of time flying this year. Nearly 64,000 miles jetting from here to there. I have had insightful conversations, learned from million milers and have had my fair share of the middle seat. Some may think I would get tired of flying but every time I break through the clouds and see the wonder and beauty of this incredible world, I am awestruck. #wheelsup

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Dealing with Delays

Dealing with delays

So this week I have had every flight delayed or cancelled. I have rearranged my schedule and childcare and I am now wondering if I will get home tonight at all. So what’s a busy mom to do in delays? Well here are a few of my tips for making the most of the winter travel woes.

1. Get caught up on correspondence. With all the extra time, take advantage of the free airport wifi (if you are fortunate to be sitting in one of those airports) and catch up on all the emails that go unanswered. The vendor emails saying hello. The opportunity to thank your friends and colleagues for the little things that may go unnoticed. Use this time as an opportunity to notice those around you and be thankful.


Dealing with Delays2. Read more. I always want to read a little more but I give my self the excuse that I am too busy. Well, now is the perfect opportunity to stand in a bookshop and read an HBR article, catch up on the latest blog from Fast Company or enrich your mind with a recommended book. And, the great thing about airports, they all have bookstores to help you pick up some knowledge the old fashioned way. There is something special about the feel of a new paperback that gives you the sense that you are holding the power of a story. Use this time to become a better storyteller. Read, listen and learn.


3. Relax. While everyone is stressing about how they will get from point A to point B, take the time to notice that worrying about the situation won’t help you get home faster or make that meeting. The weather is God’s way of helping us realize that we are not in control so strop trying to be. I know that no matter what time I finally make it in tonight, I will still get to hold my Maggie tight and give my husband a kiss. This realization is really what matters in the world. So grab a glass of wine at the local restaurant, pick up that paperback and relax while waiting for your flight to board.

travel stories #traveltuesdays

Travel Stories from UpUpandAways.comI have been traveling for work alot lately. It seems that I am in the airport almost every week. I absolutely love airports. Perhaps it is because my dad was a pilot, or maybe it allows me to do people watching at it’s finest. I often imagine the stories that accompany the different people coming and going. Some are on their way to a big pitch. They are preparing for a meeting that could help define their career. Others are emotional, they have just left their loved ones. Their tear filled eyes remind me of all the times I have had to say good-bye to my parents. Then there are the ones headed off to find an adventure. Maybe they are visiting a new country, backpacking through Europe, flying for the first time or traveling as a group. Whatever their stories, in Detroit a special thing has happened. People began sharing their journey on the stones that surround the beautiful fountain in the mcnamara terminal. There are messages shared between travelers. Some mark where they are coming from, others communicate their next adventure, or even tell a secret. It is an organic storytelling gallery. So what story will you share? Bring a sharpee and be sure to tell  your story in DTW.

Travel Stories from

Travel Stories from