document travel

Probably one the best gifts I have ever received. This is from my friend Monique (who knows me pretty well after working together for over 8 years). Combining my love of Moleskins and travel – it’s a perfect marriage.

The Moleskin Travel box contains luggage tags (designed as moleskin journal covers) and a beautiful travel journal to document trips in style. I will most definitely use this for my upcoming Hawaii adventure. What has been one of your favorite travel-inspired gifts?

And to my bff Monique: thank you for your friendship and thoughtfulness.


30 in year 30

Turning 30 has inspired me to set some goals and try some new things. So here is my list for the year:

1. Visit a new state (21 to go till we hit all 50)
2. Start a family
3. Print photo books of our past trips
4. Finish my Masters Degree at SCAD in Interactive Design (3 classes left to go)
5. Blog for a year
6. Take a family roadtrip
7. Get or renew passports for the whole family
8. Use our passports
9. Make an ebook and post online
10. Buy a piece of original art
11. Fly somewhere as a family
12. Surprise Doug once a month
13. Finish a painting inspired by travel
14. Learn how to split hostas
15. Buy a piece of original art as a souvenir
16. Go to the zoo
17. Get a family picture taken
18. Can vegetables
19. Lose the baby-weight
20. Find a pair of shoes to replace my famous “red pair” that Chloe ate a year ago
21. Design and decorate our guest room
22. Write and illustrate a children’s book for Maggie
23. Visit a new art museum
24. Go hiking as a family
25. Do a pro-bono design project for something I believe in
26. Make a family portrait wall
27. Write a letter or card once a month
28. Find a black hat to replace the one I lost in LA earlier this year
29. Find a new signature hairstyle/haircut
30. Read through the New Testament