Invincible Summer

Invincible SummerThis is the 5th snowiest winter in Michigan’s history. When the cold seems too much it is always good to remember that this is a season and if you think about it, summer is only a sweet memory away. This state is one of the best ones to experience the beauty of every season but there is nothing like a Michigan summer. So when the next inch of snow falls, let us all remember that within each of us is an invincible summer. Thanks to Candice for sharing those words of wisdom with me today!


up up photo tips: app edition

Last year before traveling to Spain I decided to upgrade my iphone 3GS to the iphone 4 for the sole purpose of the camera. I found the best souvenir I can have is to document my memories. The addition of some great photo apps allowed for me to travel light: carrying my iphone and an SLR (as apposed to my normal packing of a digital camera, cellphone, SLR, holga and camcorder). Continue reading…